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Better to cold call in person than over the phone?

The system at my business for new sales people seems to be cold calling to attain a contact, follow up with a prospecting letter, and then a phone call to try to gain an appointment.

Obviously making the initial contact and attaining the proper contact info is the most important thing. I find that I interact much better with people face to face than over the phone, having been in a face to face industry for the last ten years.

Instead of using the phone, would it be better for me to sacrifice the additional time to interact with people in a way I find more comfortable, and therefore likely will achieve a better conversion rate? - by fitseller
I am the sales manager of a business to business sales team. I have a gentleman who refuses to do phone calling, saying that his time is better spent cold calling in person. he does the exact system that you were describing that you would like to do, and he gets 1/4 less appointments than the other reps. Sometimes it is better to follow up with a quick phone call, because if you drop by again and they are busy you're taking alot of time out of their day as well, but on a phone call they might be able to multi task and apreciate the follow up just as much. Also thank you cards for after any appointment with a short hand written message goes SO far. We have had people who we had nearly written off as not buying that the thank you cards have turned into buyers for the personal touch. Good luck, Hope this helped! ~ Lacey - by lacey
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