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ever have to "self-train"yourself at a new job?

Hello to you. I assume you have gone through the process of getting hired, (gratefully of course) and being told,"ok, here's your desk, make some sales." This probably would be ok if i was selling gloves to an eskimo.
I am in the telecommunications field and have no real prior sales experience. I am in charge of lead developing for salespeople. As you can imagine, I spend most of my day cold calling. Qualified leads are rarely provided. I have had some successes already.thmbp2;
I don't mind the calling and mass amounts of "no's" as much as thinking there has got to be a more productive way to spend my time. Since I am green as grass, I don't have any contacts to set me up with qukified leads. :sa
New and refurbished phone systems and components, repairs, purchasing unwanted equipment, and maintenace programs is pretty much what we cover there. They have been in business 22 years. That says a lot in that industry.
I love my job and its potential. any suggestions on lead sourcing?
Subscribing/paying is out of the question. Sales genie is like looking in the yellow pages... :cu

Personally, I do what I like, and love liking it.sn; - by greenngold
When you took this position what methods were you instructed to use? - by BossMan
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