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A better deal for my prospect and no deal for me

Hello, everyone,

I have lurked here for a while and have thoroughly enjoyed this forum. There are some very smart people here, and I am hoping that some of you can help me.
I am an insurance agent who specializes in a line of coverage used mostly by professionals. In the past, there have been some occassions where I have spent much time analyzing a prospect's current contract, shopping their coverage and eventually showing them a better deal in cost and coverage only for them to go back to their current agent who says they can get to my carrier too, just give them a broker letter and they will get the deal for them. This results in me having done the work to get them a better deal and their current agent has done nothing to earn the business, but gets to keep it. If you can believe it, this even happens when I have taken the time upfront to get agreement from the prospect that if I can show them a better way to go, I will get the business and they agreed to it! When this happens, I have tried to talk my prospect through the process that they are reaping the major benefit of what I have to offer them.......my brain, my hard work, and my service, and have they had that level of service demonstrated to them by their other providers? (obviously not). I work hard not to go negative. It works a very small percentage of time to get them to re-think their position.
Here is where I need help. I have access to a product that some of my competitors have access to as well, HOWEVER....it is not being marketed aggressively because the biggest competitor uses another product that they like better, but may not BE better than what I have. I have extensive research wrapped up in this particular issue and know it well and have the bona fides to prove it. What I need to know is how I can approach the market and show my knowlege and product and set up the presentation from the get-go so I dont hear "my broker can get there too.......we appreciate how much we learned from you! Had you not come in, we would'nt have realized these gaps and additional coverages available to us!"
Thank you for any help! I do appreciate it very much! - by Hunter
I understand your pain. You are not alone.

My thoughts are maybe you are to hungry. Maybe you are coming off desperate. Suggestion might be when qualifying to frame the conversation in the world that the prospect understands. If they are a service, discuss with them the risk they experience in performing a service before getting paid. Ask, "How do you avoid this pitfall?" If they sell a product that needs installed, how do they avoid installing their product without haggling after the product is installed. Explain to them from the heart. "You seem like an honest person, let me tell you how I see this working. I will work really hard to show you a better deal, however, to many times I have did all the leg work to be a service to a prospect only to have them take my better deal to their current provider and ask to have my offer matched. Are you satisfied with your current provider in all other ways other than price or terms? If yes, then "Well, I would be best advised to move on, would you agree?" If they say yes, then move on. If they say "no (to you moving on) let's see what you have" then you can say what you have been saying that (since you are an honest man) after I provide you with a better product you agree to utilize my services, correct? (Please don't say "and I will get the business, right") If no then ask how you may be a better service other than price and terms?

Just some ideas that may or may not work. In the end "Some do, some don't, so what, next!" - by Pittsburgh
Make them understand that it does not cost them anything, to make you the "Agent of Record".

Put them in your position. Ask them how would they feel, if one their prospects basically stole from them. Get ruff with them, obviously they have absolutely no integrity, so show them none in return. - by MattyB
I have a question.What other types of insurance do these clients have?Could they be like me,all the insurance I have comes from the same agent.

My house,automobiles,flood,business,life,disablity . I really need a great reason to switch and have one outside of the circle I feel comfortable with.Address this with the clients.

Insurance is difficuilt to sell,let me think about it objection allows the client to call their present agent and discuss why they should stay with them.By calling the present agent the client is informing the agent they wish to stay with them. The client needs incentives to move to you. - by rich34232
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