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Staying Healthy On the Road


I got a new sales job in insurance. After all the school and testing next week, I will be working for a good company with the potential to make a good living.

So the other day in the office as I am listening to the agents make calls, one of them calls to confirm a meeting with a client at Denny's. I am thinking ...'OH GREAT' I can't be eating a grand slam or a dinner if I have 3 or 4 meetings a day at Denny's.

So how do you manage the calories. I am sure Denny's doesn't want you just ordering water every time either. So what do you do to stay healthy if you are constantly meeting with clients in restaurants? Salads, fit fare, what?

I know my schedule will be pretty irregular. The only set meal for the day will probably be breakfast, but I don't want to live on junk food the rest of the time either. - by Boxurian
Eating restaurant food several times a day can't be good for you. Could you meet at a coffee shop instead? - by Houston
When I'm on the road I take healthy food along with me to graze on, eat very lightly in restaurants most of the time - be selective about what you order - and if it's over night either take gear for the hotel gym or stretching in your room or going out for a walk.

Like Houston said, you select the place you meet when you can. I've watched people bloat up fifty - one hundred pounds over a few years. Usually it's when they do a lot of over nighters and the company is paying for the food with a big budget.

BUT discipline is possible - make it work.

The best to you.

MitchM - by MitchM
Just because you meet a client at a restaurant doesn't mean either one of you have intentions of eating. If that's the case, never meet all your clients in a bar. I have been in sales for the most part of my life and traveled multi states and have met clients everywhere (well most everywhere). Just be honest with them, I've met people in bars at 9:00AM and they were having a bloody mary and I just told them it's too early for me. Same as restaurants, don't eat, unless you schedule a lunch meeting and hungry. I always had meals on the road just like when I was home. You can eat healthy while traveling.

You'll get used to it. - by mcaldwell
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