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A question about conversion ratios...

Rench here. First post.

Trying to find sales conversion ratio information:

By industry
By methodology: on line, email, telephone, personal visit, etc.
By experience: Novice, Apprentice, Expert
By offering: Hardware, Services, Information, etc

I am finding that this is a very tall order.

Just received a job offer for in a lead generation role, setting appointments for high-end consulting engagements (services sell for between $50k and $100k). Marketing provides leads list. Question: Is a 10 per cent conversion rate (lead to appointment) a reasonable expectation? I know it depends on the quality of the leads and several other factors but at this (high) level these things have been pretty well thought through.

I have found it close to impossible (so far) to locate definitive data on the web. Any comments appreciated. Thanks! Rench - by Rench
Rench, this sort of data tends to be industry specific. When I worked for a $600 million systems integration company, the numbers presented to us were applicable to our target clientele.

The cost elevated as the lists were more refined ("scrubbed").

And, it depended on what was being closed:
a) appointment for the SR to close; or,
b) the ultimate sale (transacted over the phone);

In a recent consulting engagement, I was looking for this information for a start-up VoIP reseller. I managed to find a rudimentary document on a site which I'd Googled ("sales performance" or "KPI" was the string but I don't recall the actual URL).

Good luck & Good selling!
Pat - by OUTSource Sales
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