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An $8.00 cup of coffee?

As I walked past two construction workers on my way to work on a Monday morning, I overheard one of the workers saying to the other with an unmistakable tone of sarcasm, “I think I’ll walk over to the local coffee shop this morning to get an $8.00 cup of coffee.”

Not being a coffee drinker, on my way home from work I stopped in the local coffee shop to check out the prices. For the record the local coffee shop does not have an $8.00 cup of coffee. The highest price cup of coffee I could discern was $5.00 and that was with the works. I am not sure which is worse: if there really were an $8.00 cup of morning coffee which would be out of reach of most workers or that such a perception exists.

Are you finding that your clients are more careful about spending and making buying decisions?

What are you finding?

- Linda - by Linda Richardson
We sell nutrition and have done it for twelve years and we've found consistently, including now, that people who want it buy it and people who don't won't.

Last week a couple placed an order that cost them $3,250 for a bulk order - that was from a $5,000 order discounted at 35% and from now on they'll get a 40& wholesale discount. In that same week a woman on disability with very limited income ordered $250 worth of products because she wants to feel better and believes our products will help her.

In that same week a woman financially very well off said that $70 was too expensive - she didn't know the value of the products and didn't want them.

So we find in any kind of economy people buy what they want to find money to buy.

MitchM - by MitchM
Hi Mitch,

Thats interesting what you say, we sell nutrition products too and have found exactly the same. The people who need it most and can afford it most are often the ones who dont buy! I thought it was just down to us its good to see someone with more experience saying the same thing.

Steve - by steve(notts)
The expression is - people buy what they find some value in they want. We don't spend time trying to get people to see the value or create it - we find out if now, today when we talk, they are looking for what we offer and are willing to buy it.

That's because we value our time and need to use it well.

The best to you.

MitchM - by MitchM
Excellent advice Mitch, thanks for that.

I think in the past we have wasted too much emotional energy, if not time over people not buying when they should - especially our family!!! xerm; - by steve(notts)
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