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Hi everyone.... its great to be heresn;

I was wondering does anyone know a site where I can view examples of 30,60,90 sales plans? Or any information in regards to writing one. I want to get familiar with what goals and objectives should be pursued and the timeframe involved. I have a good idea as far as the "big picture" is involved in what it is I plan to do but when you break it down to 30,60,90 days, I am unsure as to what should be the first 30 days, then 60, etc...any and all comments are appreciated. I can supply more information if needed...thanks - by jlassociates
Well JL, this is a broad topic that I'm sure will get a lot of experts responding to, so let me get the ball rolling.

First of all, no one knows your business better than you do. Your public profile didn't give much information on what you do other than B2B outsourcing. So let me start by speaking in general terms.

Goals and plans for a business are typically determined by statistics - contacts made, numbers sold, money made to simplify it. So to set some realistic goals, you first need to determine how many contacts need to be made to close what number of deals, to achieve how much money. Once you know what your exact closing ratio is, especially since you already understand the big picture, you can work your way backwards to determine what plan of attack you need to establish to achieve those goals. That's the great thing about statistics is that the numbers don't lie.

But developing an action plan to determine how to reach your goals can be affected by market conditions. For example, I'm a trainer for vehicle dealerships. I set some goals for my company for November, December and January. Well, in our area, in November, I had to contend with deer hunting season and Thanksgiving. In December, we had everyone spending their money on Christmas presents. In January, I had New Years and the Detroit Auto Show. So, goals I set for let's say September would not work for these three months. So I needed to adjust accordinging and figure out ways to diversify my efforts, and maybe put my concentration into internet product sales, as compared to in-dealership training.

I know this was a roundabout way of getting the topic started, but this topic seems like one that's easy to talk about the gereralities, but each company stands on its own numbers. Hope this gets your thinking started. - by Mike Whitty
Thanks alot Mike..thmbp2; - by jlassociates
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