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Pulling Up From Failure To Success

Every one of us could list hundreds of resources that have greatly informed us and helped improve our success. "How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling" by Frank Bettger is a classic in common sense selling and a fun book to read.

One of Frank's revelations was keeping track of contacts and outcome of contacts will greatly improve productivity. Jacques Werth co author of "High Probability Selling" has also expressed such a common sense idea which many people in sales apparently refuse to accept. They don't want to know their numbers and that can produce high negative results over time.

Another common sense revelation is that sticking with something long enough for it to pay off and work is one of the most universal ways of one pulling up from failure to success. In that sticking with it has to come a determination to learn it until it's working and the learning curve can take some time.

When people hop, skip and jump around, fail to keep track of their numbers, and resist learning and relearning selling skills, pulling up from failure success becomes someone elses story.

MitchM - by MitchM
Good points MitchM. thmbp2; - by Houston
I like that: "it's just that simple and it's just that hard!" Houston. A truism in an oxymoron.

I posted this on someone's blog this morning: "Focus and concentration, conserving and accumulating energy to expend in precise movement both mental and physical, requires control. IF emotion can be controlled into focused concentration the effect will be additional power. If emotion cannot be controlled and turned into focused concentration power will be weakened.

When power is weaked intent, accuracy, response time, appropriate execution, are diminished greatly and often to the point of loss of control.

One can be totally passionate and connected to the emotions of passion yet not be adversly effected by those emotions when they are focused and concentrated in disciplined behavior that is body, spirit and mind balanced and dynamically integrated into the whole."

The blog post I posted to had to do with getting angry or losing emotional control and that effect on performance.

One simple (yet hard) way of keeping that focus and concentrated passion in a non emotional and controlled way might be in pragmatic record keeping - tracking the numbers. It sounds common place and non esoteric enough but might very well be one of the disciplines people need.

Tonight one of the gals we've been working with for seven years is doing a training conference call - her second - all about the cold calling she's doing including call result stats, scripts, etc. Her first call was so instructive and basic people on the call wanted a second.

What's absolutely heart touching and fantastic about this is that when we met her she had zero business experience and close to zero self confidence and esteem. AND she was no rocket to the moon sucess story.

What she saw in my wife and I was absolute devotion to her success with no pretensions that we had all the answers AND what we saw in her was potential, willingness to learn, and motivation.

My simple errors in judgment, my sometimes lazy habits, and my personal impasses are not uncommon nor slight but the one thing that's been a plus for me is the ability to wake up every day with an attitude toward the potential of the day. If the sky were falling down and the ground swelling below my feet I'd be looking for an oppotunity - for potential to over come and find the gold.

My original post you gave a thumbs up to, Houston, is basic stuff BUT that kind of basic stuff can help one focus and concentrate energy AND stick with something long enough so that personal change and transformation - finding the gold within - happens.

The best to you.

MitchM - by MitchM
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