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Internet Marketing Begins With A Web Site That Doesn't Stink

One of the beautiful things about the web is the fact that it allows you to reinvent yourself.

How many times have you visited an attractive, well designed web site with valuable content and a large, corporate presence, only to discover it's run by a sole proprietor? Conversely (and somewhat inexplicably), there are countless mid-sized businesses out there whose web sites look like they were designed and written by the boss's teenage nephew as an after school project.

That sole proprietor knows something the mid-sized business owner doesn't: in Cyberspace you're only as large (and as important) as you appear to be.

I've been developing web sites for businesses of all sizes since 1996, and my experience has taught me that if you're not willing to invest in a clean, professional, up-to-date site, with clear, concise sell copy, you'd be better off with no web site at all. A poorly designed, visually dated home page is the digital equivalent of allowing your three year-old to cut your hair before an important business meeting: both leave a lousy impression.

Visit your web site now and ask yourself the following questions:
  • Is it visually interesting?
  • Does it appear fresh and new, or tired and dated?
  • Is it easy to find the information you need in two or three clicks?
  • Is the text written in a friendly, conversational voice?
  • Are the benefits of using your products or services clearly stated?
  • Is there a compelling "call to action?"
  • Has the content been updated lately?
  • Does the look and feel of your site accurately reflect the quality of your business?
  • Have you ever hesitated to send a prospective client to your site?
  • Does it look like it was built by your boss's nephew?

If your web site is lacking in any of these areas, I would suggest either investing the few meager dollars it will take to bring it up to speed, or do your company a favor and pull the plug on your server. - by DesignGuy
Great points Design Guy.

The problem is that most sales people do not have an eye for design so my further suggestion would be to make sure that your website is reviewed by someone with that eye to give you suggestions on improvements. I am always looking at websites that were designed by sales people, business owners, general contractors, etc. Websites must look great/professional, have a call to action and serve a purpose.

Another point to be made is that do not even waste time or money on the site if you are not going to have a strong and active internet marketing campaign. You can have the best looking site on the planet and it will not matter if it can't be found.


Rory Wilfong
ProspectMX - by rwilfong
I agree, DesignGuy. It's amazing how cavalier people are about their websites. It's the very first impression potential clients have of you. You just can't take back a bad first impression. In my opinion, if can't afford to build a decent website, you should stay offline until you can.

Dale King - by Dale King
I agree with having a great looking website and having others review it. Once you have a great looking website - how will anyone find it? Having a website is good but having one that can be found is even better and having a great website that looks good and can be easily found is the ultimate. - by waynelong
The trick to marketing is making your product superior from your competitors. In order to do that you need proper marketing. One of the newest tools being used today is creating a blog and using it for marketing purposes.Once you built up a faithful reading of your blog, you can insert information about your product and services and direct them to your web site. - by riche
Great post!

Could you check out Salesconx (the website I work for) and let me know what you think of the design? I think it's pretty nice (probably because blue and orange are a favorite color combo of mine), but I'd love