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Do Not Call Registry and Telemarketing

For those whose marketing efforts have included outbound telemarketing calls, how has the "Do Not Call Registry" impacted your efforts?

Do you scrub your telemarketing list against the DNC database? Do you still call anyway? Have you moved away from telemarketing? - by AZBroker
The company we buy our list from scrubs the list so that we don't have to. I'm very curious to see what others are doing too. - by WobblyBox
I still get telemarketing calls and I registered my number last year. I guess some follow the rules and some don't. :( - by bridger480
yeah I was also wondering about it but i was also wondering that, if you put you're on the DNC list and who ever ignores it and still calls they can get fined for it? - by Sanddollar
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