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Channel Partners?

I work in the channel sales and its been difficult for me to recruit new partners. I work with the south central like AR or TX and its hard to find high tech IT partners. What is a great way to get new partners? and how do I approach them so that they'll listen to me and what our products can do? I usually get voice mail and/or "I'm not interested" - like im trying to sell them something. it's a business partnership...

advice please?
thank you!! - by jadedjamba
The question you have to ask yourself is: "What is the value of this business partnership?" If everyone you talk to says, "I'm not interested," you're not saying anything interesting.

Go back to basics and determine what value this partnership will have for the prospects you are approaching. Why should they be interested? How will it help them? Will it increase their revenue? Increase their visibility and brand in the industry? Keep employees productive? etc.

Once you have figured out the value, use it to introduce yourself. For example: "My name is (your name) I'm with (your company) and we're know for helping our business partners (the value goes here)."

Then back up what you've just said with an example of a business partner who has benefitted by the partnership.

Wendy Weiss
The Queen of Cold Calling - by Wendy Weiss
TLC - Think Like a Customer. In this case your customer is your potential partner. Start your relationship by offering to help solve a problem of theirs. Do research and position yourself to assist them without regard for yourself. I am approached by potential partners everyday and 99.9% of the time it's all about them and their incredible product or service and how I should introduce them and their widgets to my crowd. People will ignore you. WIIFM - Waht's in it for me? You must apply to their issues, greed etc before they will listen to you about a partnership. Put them in your pipelin and drip market to them weekly with nothing but solutions and ideas to assist them. Get their attention by building a relationship first. - by Mark Tewart
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