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The Best and Worst Sales Managers You've Ever Had

Please tell us about the best and worst sales managers you ever had.

How did he/she manage you? What traits did this person have? How did she/he go about doing business? What did you like about their management techniques, and what didn't you like? What skills did they have or what skills were they lacking?

Please share their story so we can all learn from it.

Skip Anderson - by Skip Anderson
The best sales manager I ever had inspired me to write my first management book, "The Ultimate Automotive Manager." It was always fun to work around him.

He was a definite leader of people. If the cars needed to be switched on the lot, he'd just go ahead and start, and we'd all follow. He didn't have to tell us what to do, he just led by example.

He had a high energy level that kept us motivated throughout the day. You never felt bored when he was around. He made contests fun whereby we would want to do well just for him.

He was always upbeat and positive, which really helped us when times were slow. When we left a sales meeting, we were inspired to want to work.

If he had to criticize us, it was always behind closed doors, and never in a demeaning fashion. He made every critique a learning experience.

He was a great manager to model. - by Mike Whitty
Great example, Mike. Thanks for sharing it. Who else has can tell us about their best or worst sales manager? - by Skip Anderson
My experience has been that more times than not, you are hired based on what your accomplishments have been and how you got there. Once you get hired you become one of the pack. Your manager most often does not have the skills to manage different people based on experience, knowledge, ability. To do so would, in some cases, suggest favoritism.

My best sales manager was sales director nationally while I was a regional sales manager for New England. He gave me a quota, gave me the tools I requested, told me to call if I needed help and basically said Get R Done. At first I was frustrated because this was my first regional manager position and I didn't know what I was doing and he was never available. (This was before cell phones & email) I would leave him voice mails and he would not call me back or leave me return voice mails for days if at all. As a result I did what I thought was right. This made me build confidence and use other resources within the company. I got stronger and better as time passed and eventually became one of the top regional sales managers.
- by Pittsburgh
Thanks for your contribution, Pittsburgh. Who else will tell us about their favorite or least favorite sales manager? What makes them so skilled? Or what made them so poor? - by Skip Anderson
The best sales manager I had helped me believe I could sell and put me in places that I could make sales. I had come from a non sales background and didn't know if I could sell or not. I was the rookie of the year and then top salesman for the company the next three years. I then left to go into Real Estate. With the wrong sales manager it would have been very easy for me to have gotten discouraged and thought that I was "just not a salesman". - by waynelong
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