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Need Help Finding Companies !!!!!

k so here's the situation, I currently work as an inside salesman where I have to build my own book of business. The problem is i am having a very hard time finding companies in Canada to call and promote my products and services. I have tried many business directories online and not much luck. Most of the accounts are already taken by other employees. I've looked through hoovers, kompass, google etc. and now still have nothing to work with. ANY HELP will be great. I really need suggestions on where to look for listings, or any other resources that may of use for me.

Thanks in advance. - by salesman187
There are many resources regarding your off line and online research, and you need to connect with the companies who have immediate needs, which you can find using trigger events. - by AlenMajer
ive checked it out, it did help, i also went to the library into business section and got some more insight, but if there is any more ideas or ways you guys might have please let me know.

Thanks - by salesman187
Can you share with us what kind of product you are selling?
Size of the companies? - by AlenMajer
Sorry guys so I work for CDW Canada....We target small medium size businesses preferrably 50+ users. I've checked out all the databases online and there all tapped out.....I sell IT products from the simplest cable to the most complex servers and networking. If you have any more suggestions please let me know.

Thanks in Advance - by salesman187
Wow Salesman187 I certainly donít envy the position you are in. Building your initial book of business (not matter what industry) is a serious challenge. I just wrote a blog (http://salesconxblog.com) about this very issue as it is pretty common.

In short, you need to drive as many words-of-mouth possible to augment your own cold calling. Work you rolodex Ė reach out to your personal contacts, your business contacts, etc. Use professional networking tools like Biznik and Linkedin.

You also need to fish in another pond as most of your initial targets are already taken. Why not really think about who could be a potential customer and then leverage other sales professionals who have the relationships with the individuals you are trying to meet.
- by Evan Sohn
It does sound frustrating. Here is an online resource you do not mention: http://www.prospectsdaily.com/

Have you tried it? Leads, news, events and - contact information.

Also, keep in mind that you want to leverage your own network as well. On and offline.

Who are calling on the same business you want to talk with? Identify them and then start building the relationships.

Are you attending networking events where your prospects as well as connectors to prospects might be?

Are you on LinkedIn? Or even ecademy?

Keep us posted. - by patweber
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