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Number of rings for incoming sales calls


I want to know what the reasonable and acceptable number of rings is for incoming sales calls before the call is answered.

I ask this because my Boss only wants 1 ring before the phone is answered or he blows his top and I just think that only 1 ring allowed is ridiculous and it isn't always possible but he seems to think it is.

So, have there been any industry studies on this and is there any info or articles on the number of rings for incoming sales calls?

Eddie - by Silat
I'm not aware of any studies, but it would be great to know if they exist.

How often are you able--with effort--to answer the phone in one ring? - by Skip Anderson
You know, I've always thought the answer was no more than four rings. Picking up on the first ring unless you're sitting right next to the phone with nothing else going on seems unrealistic. - by Houston
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