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JUST DO IT...Cold Calling (Kind of Funny)

So I have a new sales job I started this week. I really like it so far. My manager is 80 miles away, so I am pretty much a one man show in the area. Our sales meetings are on the phone, etc.

Needless to say, I am learning the material and then going out and doing it without someone really there to hold my hand.

So this morning, after getting my supplies for the job and looking at the 'prospecting' stuff, I decided to drive over to the next city about 10 miles away, so that if I really 'blew it' I wouldn't have to worry about the people seeing me in town (small town) going...

"Hey, look! There's that funny man."

So after driving around for a bit and procrastinating, I went into the first store and asked to see the owner...then my mind went blank. I squeaked through the schpill, sounding absolutely STUPID and nervous...

They must have felt sorry for me, or found me entertaining, because SOMEHOW I was able to obtain an appointment on the first person I talked to the FIRST time I ever attempted to for this company.

I hope it's a good sign. - by Boxurian
Way to grind it out! thmbp2; - by Mikey
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