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Commission/Salary Range?

I'm interested in growing my business and am considering hiring a sales person. I have an advertising and graphic design firm, providing print marketing materials and web sites.

I'm not really sure what the compensation range is, so I wonder if someone could offer some opinions with regard to commission and/or salary?

Thanks! - by DesignGuy
Have you had any luck finding what's standard for the industry or the position DesignGuy? - by Houston
No luck yet, Houston.

Understandably, I think most good salespeople are attracted to jobs with salaries and/or benefits, as well as a commission.

We're a small firm and had hoped to begin by hiring someone on straight commission. I thought I might be able to entice the right person with an offer of 25%.

I'd be interested in your thoughts, and the thoughts of others, on how this measures up, and how salespeople feel about straight commission vs salary in general. - by DesignGuy
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