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How To Increase Sales Volume In Restaurant Industry?


I need some advice on how to increase the sales volume and get more new customers in the restaurant industry. I work for a system integration company, we provide IT solutions and networking services.

My company focuses on many industries including Bank, Hotel, Telecommunication, Restaurant...ect and I'm in charge of the restaurant industry.

I'm a fresh graduate from business university and this is my first job as a sales executive. I've been with this company only for one month. I really need help from you all great experts.

English language is my second language and I've been dealing with many owners of the restaurant who are the foreigners. I speak English with them. I know, I don't have a clear voice and my communication is not good (Both my native & English language). But I really love this profession. I'm male, 23 years old.

Please give me some ideas on how to be successful in this... We have many competitors and this industry doesn't have a big market shares... The company passes this restaurant industry to me, this field was handled before by another person. Right now, I have only a few existing accounts... and my manager wants me to find more new accounts. When I meet with these new accounts, I feel very nervous and I am really concern about my communication skillsthmbdn2; .

I sell the restaurant software management (POS System), Touch Terminal, Networking Equipments...ect.

I'm really looking forward to receiving your kind responses and advice.;sm

Warmest Regards,

Bravo - by Bravo Lucky
Bravo, one of my first thoughts is thinking about how it felt when I wasn't familiar with what I was selling and there were people who knew more about my industry and product line than I did. I never thought the day would come when I WAS or was thought of as the expert.

In selling, a positive attitude, great follow-up and a sense of concern for a customers best interest will overcome a lot of other challenges. You might have to put on your acting skills a little bit each time.

My other advice is to think of something you are amazing at. Something that you can do better than most people can do. This should be something that makes you feel unstopable. You should think about this concept and idea moments before each call. In my case, it was being good at baseball and I would recall the moment of hitting a home run and the positive feelings I had when I trotted around the bases. It was a great feeling just before a sales call. Sometimes, I would close my eyes and and do this moments before I went into the customers office. This always made me feel UNSTOPPABLE! It became a great habit when I was down about things and it worked like a charm to cover-up any low feelings about NOT being good at what I was doing.

I would also suggest you always keep the customers best interests at the fore front of your conversation. I say this because this cannot be faked. Good Luck in Selling.

Steve Martinez, Selling Magic - by Steve Martinez
Thanks so much Steves for your kind advice, I will try to follow it.

I love this forum because it helps me to improve my selling skills and members here are very kind and generous with their knowledge.

Warmest Regards,

Pheng - by Bravo Lucky
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