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Can this be used as a close?

Hello everyone.
I sell mobile phones and basically once we make a sale we run a standard credit check takes maybe 5 minutes maximum.
Once it is approved it takes about 10 minutes for the customer to have there new phone set up.
What i am wanting to know is, is it wrong to use "what we can do is run a credit check to see if you are approved".

Is this wrong or can it be used as an actual way to get the customer wanting to go ahead with the purchase? - by myers1984
Yeah. That looks like a trial close or pre-close test question to me. thmbp2; - by Thomas
so if they say yes to doing the credit check does that mean it will be easier to sell to them would you say ? - by myers1984
Myers, good questions. I'm not up to speed on all the details of your situation, so I'm not sure if these suggestions will help, but here's some feedback for you.

Here's what I don't like about "What we can do is run a credit check to see if you're approved":

1. It's a statement with no required action. Closes should require action. I think you can make it easier for your prospect to give the go-ahead.

2. "Credit Check" isn't a term that has any sales power or emotional octane. At best, it's an uninteresting term. At worst, it's intimidating. And "to see if you're approved" isn't the most positive statement in the world.

So maybe you could try these strategies:

1. "If you'll just authorize this" (have them sign or initial a credit check authorization or some other form you create), "we'll go ahead and get your new phone ready." (while you're saying this, you're handing them the pen). If they take the pen and initial, you're on your way...you've just closed the sale.

2. I also like a "direct question close" such as "Would you like to own this phone?" [they say yes]. "Great, let's get started! [then hand them the authorization papers and pen].

3. I also like the assumptive close, such as "When would you like your new phone service to start?" or something like that. If they answer your question, you start the process.

4. You know your applicant needs to be approved, but let that be between you and the credit bureau. Try not to spend time talking about approval with your prospect. You'll find out soon enough if they're approved. All you need to know is if the prospect wants the phone. If they do, then do your required process, but don't involve the prospect in the mundane details of getting their credit approved. For sales purposes, simply assume they'll be approved. If they aren't, THEN you can bring up the credit issue, otherwise, the process just sails along. Make it easy and effortless for your prospect.

I hope that's helpful in some way. - by Skip Anderson
so if they say yes to doing the credit check does that mean it will be easier to sell to them would you say ?
Quite frankly, I think those closing techniques are a little too much in the traditional buyer-seller mode. The buyer knows what's going on. I'd make it a lot easier on everyone and put less pressure on the buyer by just saying something like..."let's get some of the admin paper work underway so in the event you want to make the purchase you won't have to wait". To me that's far less onerous and is giving an immeidate benefit (won't have to wait around). - by Roger Marks
Quite frankly, I think those closing techniques are a little too much in the traditional buyer-seller mode. The buyer knows what's going on.
Hi Roger,

I would argue that, at closing, you WANT the buyer to know what's going on. You want him to want to commit. You're not trying to fool the prospect, you're trying to bring your discussion to closure...to finality.

Prospects should "know what's going on" because we're not in the business of doing magic, we're in the business of taking prospects needs and desires and turning them into solutions that generate two things: (1) revenue; and (2) a happy customer. And if we deal with prospects in a straightforward, assertive manner, we'll do that over and over again. At least that's my opinion. - by Skip Anderson

First off, I want to congratulate you on the fact that you are simply asking in the first place, asking simply means you are here to better yourself, and this is the right place to do so. Once you master structured selling you are well off on your way to huge proffits.

Secondly I have to say listen to the advice that Skip has told you, I couldn't have said it better myself. thmbp2;

Good luck to you and remember attitute is everything.

James - by Mr. Cesario
no matter what happens the customer will have to go through your process. Keep in mind people gravitate towards pleasure and away from pain. Imo, getting a credit check is not a pleasure, I do not have fun with it. you also want to make sure you dont say anything along the lines of "see if you can get approved". you want to treat EVERYONE as if they could buy the store if they wanted to. More salespeople lose deals because they prequalify to much. especially the yellow belts... the ones that know just enough to be dangerous. - by Jaron Watkins
Mr Prospect , authorize my paperwork we will start the process of owning a new phone.
Mr Prospect you have made a great decision to own this phone and service.Let us start the process to activate your new phone by authorizing the paperwork.
I prefer statements suggesting ownership than asking for the ownership. - by rich34232
I agree entirely with Skip's advice on this topic. - by Ace Coldiron
I wouldn't use it to soon. Once you get the customer on a unit, and you see that they are at their peak of their impulse I may try "While I finish going over the rest of the features for this unit, lets go ahead and get the credit check submitted so you can take this unit home." This is more of an assumptive-trial close. If they say yes then your good to go, if they say no then it gives you a chance to flush out any objections, isolate and resolve them, then re-close - by jrboyd
I agree with skip also,

using words like credit check and such is to much when the paper says it on there already, just slide paper and hand pen they know what to do with it just by saying something like, Lets go ahead and get you up and talking... - by Mr. Mike
Only reason I use those terms is legalities. That way the customer can't comeback and say "I never gave you permision to run my credit!" It's just a safety net I use just in case. - by jrboyd
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