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Give Give Give Yourself Over To Success

You can only give yourself over to success. It's a universal law and has always been true and never will become out dated or taken over by technology. What we serve and who we serve is what we get back and the greater the giving the greater the rewards.

When you give yourself over to success the world changes. Doors and windows appear out of nowhere and people come walking through them wanting what you have to offer. The power of the universe to provide is beyond measure and to duplicate itself in abundance.

In very practical terms, the energy and time we put into our passions including our business journies will pay us over and over again if give ourselves over to success in every skill, activity and discipline we choose to follow and develop to our best capabilities.

Likewise, when we give that same energy and time into the success of the people we serve our own success is sure to follow. How we think and what we speak and the truths we come to know and live by determine the quality of the fruits we produce.

The more we give the more we get is the truth.

MitchM - by MitchM

I always dig your posts and philosophies.

Giving is the key to unlimited success.

blue - by bluenote
Everyone's got one - or many! I've always been attracted intellectually to what people have to say about philosophy and life.

For decades I've read what the writers - philosophers, poets and novel and play writers had to say. At the same time I read what the musicians had to say and the religious leaders and writers and teachings from traditions.

When I was a boy the Catholic church, yoga, Edgar Allen Poe came into my lfe - with the Hardy Boys. I had a mind naturally attuned to looking for philosophy in those things and asking those eternal questions: what's the meaning of life and what's it all about?

Just like some kids are naturally attracted to race cars or sports - I played three sports successfully up until college when I stopped playing in organized sports - to biology, to math, to whatever - I've always had a natural attraction to philosophy and life. So it's no wonder it gets into what I post.

You give yourself over to something or someone and success is sure to follow. Sometimes you lose it all, that is, what you thought would be the outcome. But a philosophical attitude gets you over that too.

Hey bluenote, I think I'm singing to the refrain, to the riff or something like that when I post back to you.

The best of the best of success to you.

MitchM - by MitchM
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