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Speaking Clearly Books?

Hey guys.
I have noticed that i tend to mumble a lot, and when running through stuff with customers i find i mumble a little aswell.
I am wondering if there are any books on speaking clearly? - by myers1984
Here are three books on communication you might be interested in;
  • Conversationally Spaking by ALan Garner
  • Fire Up Your Communication Skills by "Captain Bob"
  • How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends by Don Gabor
- by SpeedRacer
One of the best things you can do is to join toastmasters. - by Jim Klein
One of the best things you can do is to join toastmasters.
Jim, I agree. - by Skip Anderson
Toastmasters is awesome!

The other thing I recommend is to make others in your office aware that you are working on this issue and have them let you know when you start doing it.

one of my first jobs as a inside telesales rep I noticed I had the ahhh umm disease. I said it all the time when I paused. One of my still good friends pointed it out to me and every time he herd me ahhh or umm he would throw a foam stress ball at me. No hesitation mid phone call whap... right in the back with the stress ball. needless to say I became acutely aware of the issue quickly and it has not been a problem since.

I'm not suggesting you have people throw things at you but enlisting your friends to help you out will help you quit much quicker.

-Brad - by bmtrnavsky
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