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How to Ask for Insurance

I would like to know what do I tell people to takeout (buy) life insurance policy from me when we meet in person (one on one).
What words, sentences and script should I use so that the other person does not get offended. Also how do I introduce myself in social functions, parties and meetings and ask people to buy life insurance policy. What is the simple, direct and indirect approach to ask people to buy life insurance policy from me without much hesitation and objection. - by dennis27
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Before you ask them to buy, the customer has to have a need. If they have a need (in their mind, not yours), then you can present your product in a way that it addresses that need.

One of the keys is to get prospects to stop and think, because most people resist thinking about life insurance. - by Skip Anderson
Develop a Strong USP or Value Statement, something that will get people to ask you, "How do you do that"? - by Jim Klein
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Mr Prospect... imagine the worst happened and you died yesterday. What would be happening with your family today? How much extra cash would they need to relieve the financial stress they might be feeling because you are no longer here? Where would that money come from? - by jdedwa11
What does he/she need insurance for?

Do you need more insurance?
Ans. NO!... Why not?

Ans. Yes... Why don't you sign this application then and let see if you can qualify...

In MY OPINION you need to figure out with your prospect why he doesn't need insurance. What would it do for him that he isn't willing to sacrifice for himself and his family.

Having real answers to what immediate cash would do for someone versus the sacrifice of personal assets is in MY OPINION important. What lifestyle does someone want to continue for their families or other beneficiaries is important... and once you know what they want to continue for their beneficiaries you can "put it together for them!"

It's pretty simple... whether family, business, or charity... What do you do for them now... what do you do for them when you're gone.

More importantly though, what do you do for yourself if you get sick or hurt and can't go to work, would you miss the money? If you would, how do you get it back?

In the instance of insurance, WHO WILL MISS THE MONEY, and how will you put it back, whether you, your family, or your business partners, or charities. That is what I do... Let me put something together for you... Frank Bettger, Ben Feldman... and now me.... :)

Aloha.... - by rattus58

"Well, I am very proud of what I do.

In essence, I make sure that if anything happens to my clients that their families are well looked after. And, surprisingly, I find most people are unaware of some of the major pitfalls and, as a result, they are not doing the best they can for their family <don't pause> ...

Most think that life insurance is life insurance. They pretty much don't give it much thought. And, as a result, they are not protected if something really serious happens to them - like Cancer, for example, and there are many other critical illness like cancer that can happen to you where you live but still end up loosing huge financially!

I make sure this doesn't happen!"

That will open some conversations for you. - by Gold Calling
Its probably not the same in every country, but in most parts of Asia people like to exchange name cards. Distributing a unique name card, gets people to become aware of what you do and get the conversation going about your work. At function its better to subtly stimulate questions from others than to be directly initiating one. - by alexhar
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