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Where did you get your start in sales?

I am hoping to get a job at Best Buy to start my sales career this summer. I have already read several books and I participate in several sales forums. So where did you all get your start? - by MoneyMaker
I've had a few sales jobs. My first professional sales job was selling cars and trucks. - by realtor
My first sales job was actually network marketing and I had a terrible experience... But my first "real" sales job was as a mortgage banker. In the more professional environment of banking I was professionally trained and mentored and my skills blossomed. I took the job because it was the only job I could get right not of college. I remember my family saying don't worry something better will come. They all thought a sales career was madness... Now I don't think they can envision me doing anything BUT selling or managing sales people!

-Brad - by bmtrnavsky
My first run in with sales was selling snow shoveling services as a kid. Brrrrr.... that was some "cold" calling. bgwnk; - by AZBroker
The good 'ole lemonade stand in front of my house.......priceless! - by salespro
I didn't think to include soccer candy bars, raking leaves, cutting lawns and washing cars. Man I could add another 15 years of sales experience to my resume! :) - by bmtrnavsky
I, like you want to do, got my start in electronics sales. I, however, got my start in a commissioned environment. It really helps you to be motivated to sell for yourself, not just for your company. - by gregbair
I am hoping to get a job at Best Buy to start my sales career this summer. I have already read several books and I participate in several sales forums. So where did you all get your start?
I moved from studying theatre at University into applying for a sales job for Australia's pay-tv giant and the story goes from there...

Pot luck really - by MrCharisma
First I have to tell you that my father is a sales trainer who, amongst other things, does J. Douglas Edwards just about word for word, as well as having originally coined the phrase which is now a Trademark that I own; Gold Calling (change one letter in the phrase Cold Calling to make it more positive!).

So - yes - I was exposed to selling since I was 17 and took Xerox PSS II, which I still have in my home-office-library, as well as Effective Listening, also by Xerox. And started selling full time right after High School, b
ut, when asked this question, I choose to share and relate my first on-my-own expereinces.

Needless to say my intro to sales is unusual and early, as my father talked me out of University to join him in his business when I was 19, which was a great experience, though short lived for two reasons; (1)
I could not get along with my Dad who conveniently missed the fact that I was still at an age when most are Frat Partying ... (2) My mom died in a car crash in 2001, when I was just 21 years old. After that I spent a year away from selling.

Finally came out of that funk ... started feeling my way around as to what I wanted to sell - I found out that a local man sold Door Viewers or Peep Holes wholesale and felt that Home Security was a burgeoning industry, which was proven correct. I bought a bunch of them with borrowed money from my Grandmother. Sold them all day one and spent a year developing the home security business I then sold off when I went back to the office equipment field (it was cold outside and door to door was much harder, so I traded one business for another!).

I developed the style of the pitch ... I would have the prospect, usually the woman of the house, look through the Peep Hole as I told her I had my tools with me and could install it for $15 on the spot.

The cool technique was to put your hands behind your back and basically - without saying so - refuse to take it back. I sold a lot of Peep Holes that year using this simple technique. And I learned I could sell as well as this - I was an entrepreneur. A fact that has dominated my life, which is why I earned more than a million dollars a year (twice, I also had two $800K years too!) along with enjoying the freedom of working from home.

Of course, my current business is far more serious, now 26 years later, I have a new age tool that is far ahead of the competition, sort of a Contact Manager/CRM that actually builds your database entry of a new prospect record automatically from unlimited websites and from VOIP calls (either from Land-line or "Peer to Peer").

Anyway, I credit my father for having exposed me to the best selling skills training that ever was. And I credit the Door Viewer/Home Security business with my development as an entrepreneur.

Most people do not understand what opportunity exists today. Technology is a wide open field, one that is going to create far more millionaires all others that came before it put together. I suggest all of you have a look at this as your chosen field of endeavors in selling - what a time to be alive and making one's fortune!

- by Gold Calling
My first sales job was selling newspaper subscriptions door to door. It didn't pan out. ;st - by Houston
In the seventies I sold myself as a musician and singer. In the eighties I sold myself as a house painter. From mid seventies to 1980 I was teaching middle school and was laid off in 1980 for three years.

As I sold myself as a house painter I also sold myself as someone who could write a computer program - the scripting that is - with no experience. I also sold my editing/copywriting skills.

In the ninties I sold some drain and septic tank cleaner.

In 1996 we joined our current company and started a business because we wanted something we could use to create a passive stream-of-income as an asset called residual income - that's the beauty of a network marketing template for product distribution. We also have a passion for our products and a commitment to our company.

This experience has taught me: advertising and marketing, prospecting and promoting, sponsoring and training along with how to retail products. It also gave me what I needed to seek outside sources for business and personal development.

MitchM - by MitchM
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