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Starting a Business in college

Hi everybody i am contemplating starting my own business, i used to have a lawn care company but, that was a partnership and i did not like how that worked out. Now i want to be on my own but, i am not sure what exactly i can do being that i am only a freshman in college. I really like being my own boss and i am success driven but, what are some ideas i am open to anything. - by MoneyMaker
Hi, have you considered an Network Marketing business?

There are a lot of good companies out there now and with the proper amount of work you can make a decent income.

The advantages as I see it are

It is a low investment, often from as little as 200
You can do it whenever you want so it can work around your studies
You can get residual income, by that I mean after you have set up the business you will still earn money even without putting in the day to day effort
It is a great opportunity to learn more about business, it will teach you marketing, networking and accounts etc
It is a great tax break, depending upon your circumstances you can cliam tax back for you rent, travel, eating out etc

I hope that helps, if this sounds like something you would want to know more about feel free to drop me a line.

Good luck with your enterprise

Steve - by steve(notts)
Twelve years ago I started a business in network marketing because of many reasons two being: 1. I wanted time freedom and 2. I wanted to build residual income

Since then I've met college students who did in their twenties what I did at the age of fifty.

So my advice is to start a network marketing business while you are in college and build a residual income for your future - you will have all the time freedom and unlimited income potential.

MitchM - by MitchM
I have an idea about starting a junk and clutter removal service while i am in college. I am going to work three jobs over the summer to buy a truck and get started. I am lucky to have a father who has an MBA and runs a lumber company, and he has stated he is going to help me in any way he can. What are your guys thoughts about this business? - by MoneyMaker
Well I guess not many people are very entrepreneural here ;st and that is ok every response helps. Has anyone else here started or currently own a business? I know this is a wonderful tool for sales people but, how many of us out there own a business, it is possible we to can learn from each other. - by MoneyMaker
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