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Does Your Telephone Sound Like Donald Duck?

Your telephone should fit your face. Here’s a test. Next time you are in any store with a big display of telephones (even Wal Mart has a line of demos eight to ten feet long) pick up the handset of every phone and put it to your ear. Some just don't fit. Don't fit your ear, don't fit your hand, don't feel right. If the phone doesn't fit, how can your business conversation be any more than walking on a blister from new shoes.

Another test, carefully listen to the "sound" on incoming telephone calls. Its your subconscious that has been doing the listening up to now, but move it to the front. Listen for a crisp
sound. No muffles. Listen for a presence; see if it sounds like the party on the other end is right there in your ear not off someplace. Listen for clarity, no static, no hum, Think about your comfort level with the conversation. When things aren't right, the level drops and maybe the business relationship as a result.

Impressions are everything and a crummy phone can impress in the wrong direction. - by BIG Mike
I had never thought about that. It makes good sense. What about cell phones? I don't think I've ever had one that fit that good. - by Thomas
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