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Good Offering e-mail

Does any one have an idea how to write a message offering our products to prospects by e-mail, would you like give one....... thmbp2; - by azisnur07
Have you any stats/polls indicating an email offering of your product will produce enough sales to justify its use?

I didn't nevertheless I sent out thirty-five one time then another hundred and had one return which turned into a sale. I haven't done it since.

MitchM - by MitchM
Happy Friday!

I use and other reps in my company use e-mail to generate leads.

Here is the catch......

We don't blindly send out e-mails to everyone we have in our Outlook contacts. Instead, we send warm e-mails to customers we know, about products that answer needs that we know.

Recently our company launched a new product for patient warming. It is a totally new product area for us but inline with our current call points. The response was not massive but the leads that were generated were solid.

In addition, the people who did not respond got an exposure to the new product and when issues related to the product surface for that customer they will call because we are a viable option in an area with limited competition.

Good Selling!

Sell4alivn - by Sell4alivn
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