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1 million per year by the 5th year

1 million per year by the 5th year

This is the claim I made about 2 months ago......now I'm saying oh crap how am I going to live this down.

Well, what I really have decided is that, I am not that fond of the main product I am selling.

I am a captive agent for a company that focuses on life, cancer, accident, critical illness and heath ins. Focusing more on the health than anything else.

The health ins. is the main product and it is very basic. To put it plainly, I am finding it hard to say its really the best choice when the customer can find a better product for just a few more dollars a day. (if not the same price)

I like the company and I would like to stay with them so I have decided to try focusing on the other products.

I would like to focus my efforts on the life ins. side. Trying to work with larger life polices would be my goal.

The trouble with this is that I have no idea on how to set up a plan of action to get this in motion.

No one in the office or the surrounding offices seem to be doing what I am thinking about doing.

It might not be realistic to think that I could reach my lofty goal by selling life ins. alone, but any thoughts and help with this would be appreciated. - by sevenup
It is realistic, life insurance for business owners is a completely different focus. For instance, if my business is worth 20 million, my main concern as I get older, especially if the shares were held in a holding company, is how to I get the value out for my family on death.

At this point, life insurance becomes about wealth or asset protection - as the sooner or later to be deceased may want to flow more money to his/her family after they pass. Fascinating stuff, so is getting in front of the client.

Some of these style of clients take a year to get to see.

Telemarketing works, but you must be very, very good indeed. to the prospects Direct Mail will all sound the same ...

Yes, it is tough to get to see people who are worth 20 or 40 or 80 million but it can and is done on a regular basis. And you can earn a million or millions.

What happens to most insurance guys is they call on those earning high incomes who don't own a business. Thee people are easier to find, easier to get to see, they buy life and critical but, let's face it, they do not pay as well. So - this type of insurance sales person gets caught in a cage of their own making.

You can earn big bucks in that cage (a mil a year is certainly possible and in well short of 5 years!) - or huge money going after the big cases.

Good luck. - by Gold Calling
Thank you very much for your response! - by sevenup
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