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Want to see the future of sales?

Jeff Blackwell sent an email to the subscribers of this forum about this technology on Monday, thank you Jeff!

It has to be seen to be understood. However, I can tell you this;

(1) You can build your database, the information about your prospective clients without lifting a finger with an unlimited number of websites, and;

(2) You can create a new record from a call - with one click of a mouse button, and;

(3) using "Profile Stripperę" you can pull all data regarding your prospect from a VOIP call, again with one click, creating a full record in your database.

(4) You can call, email, mass email, chat/IM, mass CHAT/IM ... all with one click from one piece of software!

The time saving benefits are impressive. - by Gold Calling
How will software be the future of sales Gold Calling? - by Thomas
I missed your question Thomas, sorry.

Time is the biggest issue. We spend time on menial tasks, rather than selling, doing things like inputting names of prospects. Or, in some organizations, the LEAD that comes from an online marketing campaign, just to use one example, has to go through an individual and then be sent to another, again this is NOT efficient.

leads that come through the phone, they are very often then input and sent to a sales person by email, that person needing to input it again. Imagine that any online generated lead, any phone in lead and all new data of prospective businesses in your territory resided or ended up in your software without you lifting a finger?

Leads can be sent to you by the website, a sales secretary and a sales manager or another sales rep. In addition, so can a suspect list - be sent to you automatically.

Also, voice mail can be sent to you via email, the software can receive and update your prospect and attach a link to this file. Again, without you calling in and having to update that prospect or client record in your database.

At current, there is no system like this in the world, except ours.

To me, until now, with the exception of having to print mailing labels or occasionally email a client list, there was no reason to have a contact manager, it was NOT more affective or efficient.

But once I no longer have to call in for voice mail nor re-input data receive online or by a sal;es assistant, once that gets to me by the Internet without me having to do anything, and notifies me of the fact that I got a call or a lead, then I have somehting that will increase my efficiency, saving me time to sell rather than do tasks I am not suited for (clearly I cannot type 150 words a minute while inputting data!).

If you need more information about this - the effectiveness of selling with the right tools, let me know. Be glad to provide it. - by Gold Calling
Couldn't agree more. Software helps companies increase sales by reducing errors and double entry, saving an inordinate amount of time. Specialized software is required to help companies streamline the entire sales process so they are focused on selling rather than trying to create a quote or setup the account in their contact manager. The ability to quickly pull customer information together helps sales reps sell more instead of wasting time on data entry. - by bg1229
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