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Difficult in B2B business

I'm selling a documentation software, where help the employee to reduce their paper work, save the cost for the organization and handle document in a more efficiency way.

Always, i presented the demo to document controller, person incharge or the managerial level. After the presentation, mostly (about 90%) saying good, and they like it and it help them a lot.
But always after this stage, i hardly to go in more forward as they will submit to decision maker (Managing Director) and always this is the stage where dragging a lot of time. Also, they will said the MD not free, MD not in, MD said pending first. Or some how saying that the management meeting is 2 more months, only around that time they will bring up during management meeting.

When ask them to make appointment with MD, they will said leave it to them, or MD not free to meet up and etc.....

Due to this is an B2B business, therefore, all the decision must came from higher management and take long time.

Any others ways for me to fasten the sales speed ? Also,other ways for me to get in touch with MD and approach them? Please advice. Appreciate that as well... - by deUnique
deUnique can you start at the top and work down instead of the bottom working up? - by Thomas
Is a good idea also. But when wish to start from top, even difficult and no chance at all to meet with highest level or decision maker. They will not entertain you and mostly will ask their managerial level people to listen what is it about first.

In fact, it is even difficult to get the decision maker contact and they will not entertain you. Any good idea to advice?

deUnique - by deUnique
deUnique here's an idea, secure an introduction or referral from someone the key decision maker would know and respect. Is that something you can arrange? - by Mikey

deUnique, This online book that Jake posted has alot of great ideas in it. I read it yesterday and Im probably going to re-read it today. - by Jaron Watkins
Mikey, i do not really clear about your idea, could you please explain it if you dont mind?

Jaron Watkins, ya, i have gone through the pdf format, inside there is really alot of good example, will go and re-read that. thanks!
Apart, do you have any idea or sugg to share as well?

deUnique - by deUnique
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