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Person in charge going to maternity leave

I had a case where i did the demo to the QA Manager, where she is one of the decision maker as well. She is impressed by our product (software), and believe it can help her and the organization to be more productivity and efficiency.

She did mentioned to her superior, her GM and basically the GM also agreed. GM need some report and proposal on this product, and i already help her to prepared the proposal and the benefit also listing down and send to her already.

But the problem is she(QA Manager) has put it in top 10 priority case to be implement, and she is going to maternity leave on coming June, and she will have to settle out her top 5 cases first before the leave.

Therefore, she will only consider my case after her maternity leave where definitely i will not able to wait for that long (around 2 months). Because right now she is the only person to follow up with this software and therefore she don't have much time to implement now.
Any suggestion or idea to settle with this difficulty?
How should i do since they already see the benefit of having it?

deUnique - by deUnique
What would it take to get it from the top 10 to the top 5 cases? - by Thomas
Thanks Thomas.
She set to implement our s/w is in top 10 issue. In other words, she will not focus this issue at the time being but will focus the top 5 cases 1st, bcos this are more important cases to follow up and urgent to be settled.

For her, our s/w is good and help, but they still can wait, therefore, will not that urgent to get it first. Any suggestion from you?

deUnique - by deUnique
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