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Do you wear a tie?

My boss here when he recruited me from my other position told me that I "wouldn't have to wear a tie"

I feel it is more proffesional to wear one, He tells me everyday he sees me, I see him maybe twice a week, to take it off because it may make my commercial customers uncomfortable. So, everyday I know he is coming to my store I make sure to wear one. Mostly to bother him. (I may have a problem with authority) What do you think? keep wearing one? only wear one when he is coming to the store? keep the ties in the closet? - by Jaron Watkins
A couple thoughts for you to ponder:

Back 10-15 years or so ago I had a lot of success selling in the home. I always wore a tie. Nobody else in my company did, and nobody from competitors did, but I did it because I wanted to differentiate myself from everybody else, and it worked.

Having said that, business clothing has gotten even more casual in the last 10-15 years.

In general, I feel it's best to look professional, and I'd recommend erring on the side of being too dressed up instead of too casual. If you feel comfortable in a tie, maybe you should wear it for three months and see what happens. If you're getting some indication that prospects are put off by it, put the ties away. - by Skip Anderson
I don't wear a tie but neither do any of the prospects and clients that I work with. - by Thomas
I feel it's important to dress a little bit better than the prospects you are dealing with. People want to do business with successful people.

They also will only do business with you if they like you and trust you. Selling farm equipment dressed in a $900 suit would not be a smart practice.

Dress appropriately for what you are selling and the prospects you are selling to. - by Jim Klein
I feel like you should dress like your customers. You want them to feel like you are on the same level. Jim has a point about dressing in a suit when you are going to sell to a farmer. You want to dress slightly nicer than your customers, but do not go overboard. So, if your customers wear a tie, wear one. If not, take it off. You can look professional without wearing a tie.. - by JulieR
ive been doing the polo shirts and khakis deal but i think im gonna start doing the shirt and tie thing a bit more.... looks good and i honestly can spot a sales man a mile away these days by looking for a white polo and khaki's...

I love suits but most of my clients are small business owners lots of mechanics, etc. so i dont want to over do it.. - by bigb3433
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