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How do you find a hungry market?

I just read http://www.salespractice.com/forums/t-6595.html and the idea looks incredible but the article didn't say much about how to do it. How do you find hungry markets? - by realtor
In my opinion, people have needs and desires, and if they're willing to spend money on those needs and desires, that constitutes a "market."

In his article, he says:

"The Old Selling Model is where you build your product first and then find your market. The New Selling Model is where you find a Hungry Market and then build a product to quash the markets hunger."

If you're a real estate agent, I don't know how you "build a product to quash the market's hunger" since your product already exists. Maybe a home-builder can "build a product to quash the market's hunger" but I don't know how a r.e. agent does that.

A personal note: I'm always a little suspicious when people are critical "old sales models." Most "new sales models" are either: (a) bogus; or (b) traditional sales models repackaged as "new" or (c) are "marketing philosophies" rather than "sales models."

Maybe the author would like to respond to your question. Or better yet, Realtor, perhaps you could send him a message through S.P. and ask him your question and then share the answer with the rest of the community in this thread.

Do any other experts have any thoughts about Realtor's question?

[a great question realtor]

- by Skip Anderson
Hi Realtor!

Hmmm - I think there ARE hungry markets for realtors who are willing to create packages/programs etc for their customers vs selling them a house and giving them a certificate for a "new deadbolt."

First of all - survey your past and existing customers. A fabulous resource is www.surveymonkey.com

Ask them no more than 3 questions and get them to write. Find out what they would have LOVED to be included with their home buying/home selling experience.

Why? It will be a perfect opportunity for you to create powerful strategic alliances with other businesses you can align with to offer added value to your customers.

Also - don't forget who your most valuable customer is. WOMEN.
Tom Peters has an excellent book called "trends" which he co-wrote with Martha Barletta (read her book too by the way) as well as Eve-olution by Faith Popcorn.

Join the associations that are relevant to your customer. Write articles. Get into the media with some ideas for baby boomers, empty nesters, the sandwich generation, the 30-45 women who are jumping into the market and spending their LARGE incomes on condos, new homes etc.

And then decide who you connect with best, what you're willing to create for them and go WAY BEYOND what the average, dull realtor does to try to get business (besides send out a Christmas calendar - don't do THAT by the way!)

Just being different in your marketing is worth getting into the media with a news release.

Good luck! - by Kim Duke
I sent Joe Heller a message asking for suggestions. thmbp2;

Kim I like your ideas. I will invest time in looking into this. thmbp2; - by realtor
I haven't heard back from Joe yet. Anyone else have ideas on how to find a hungry market? - by realtor
The best efforts are those where markets comes to you rather than you needing to find them, this is akin to a needle in a haystack. You need to create marketing attraction to that buyers and sellers find you. Why heighten labor intensity? - by Drew Stevens
How do you find hungry markets?
The hungry market can be found by analyzing the data on home sales in your area and identifying what has been selling most. With that information you can market and sell to that market.

If you're a real estate agent, I don't know how you "build a product to quash the market's hunger" since your product already exists.
You would "build a product" by building a portfolio of listings that match current market demand. - by Johnny Fairplay
I think there is a point being missed here. You need to determine exactly WHAT your real estate customers are HUNGRY for?

Are they hungry for the same-old-same-old?

Or are they hungry for some fresh ideas helping them to buy or sell a property?

If you re-align that question then it seems that you'll have to position yourself as THE person with those fresh ideas. You could advertise using some questions like . . .

'Has your current real estate agent done anything NEW to help you lately? Would they recognise something NEW if it fell on their head?
Would you like to know what's NEW and different in the world of real estate that IS worth paying top dollar for? Call us now.

If you are now thinking 'but we don't know what this NEW stuff is'....then you are obviously just-like-all-the-others......and your market is NOT HUNGRY for "just-like-all-the-others"

So you'll need to brainstorm for a few new ideas. Or just keep looking for that elusive 'hungry market' - by helisell
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