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Trial Closes

When feeling out a prospect for willingness to buy, what sort of trial closes do you use? I am having a hard time differentiating between getting a commitment and using a trial close.


Tyler - by tbeezy
tbeezy, what kind of products do you sell? - by Jaron Watkins
tbeezy, excellent question. Here are a few trial closes for your consideration:

1. Do you feel like we're on the right track?

2. This widget does such and such, and you said that's important to you; do you agree this widget does such and such?

3. Do you like it?

4. You said you wanted _________; do you think this widget gives you _______?

5. If this widget was free, would this be the right widget for you?

6. If we work up a price for you and the price is acceptable to you, is the route you would go?

7. When the time comes to make a purchase decision, is this the product you would choose?

8. If you decide this is the right product for you, would you feel comfortable doing business with me?

9. If you decide this is the right product for you, would you feel comfortable doing business with XYZ Corp?

10. When you started looking for widgets, is this widget close to what you had in mind?

11. How far away are we from this being an ideal solution for your needs?

12. You told me ______ was important to you. Do you think my product solves your concern?

13. Could you yourself using this widget?

14. Could you see this widget working for you in your (home / company / car / office / whatever).

15. If we can meet your delivery requirements, do you think this solution would work for you?

I hope that helps! - by Skip Anderson
tbeezy, what kind of products do you sell?
i sell home improvements.. windows, siding, gutters, doors - by tbeezy
Skip has some good ones there, I use some of those word tracks as "Soft Closes". - by Jaron Watkins
If you had to choose between the trucks that you've seen so far which one would you go with? - by Calvin
I am a simple salesperson so i use..............

A. How does that sound?

B. Can you imagine this in your life?

C. Whats the best day to organise an install?

D. All we need is your drivers licence and you ABN on your letterhead.

Hope these help msnwnk; - by PiJiL
I think it also comes down to the buying temperature of the customer... you'll notice they become move involved and start asking questions which lead you to the right time to trial close.

I guess it's industry specific but what I do is continue to trial close through the presentation.... hoping to draw out objections (which will be dealt with). Once I get to the Asking phase for their business, I should have handled all objections and this becomes a simple process.

"How does that sound to you?" is my favourite - by MrCharisma
I sometimes think that salespeople get too caught up in closings, trial closings, etc. The entire process is to approach a prospect as a friend and just talk, carry on a conversation and before long the entire conversation is about the needs and wants of the customer. They will tell you everything you need to know to complete the sale. And always remember, you can't sell everyone! - by mcaldwell
Trial Closes are powerful as they allow your prospects to create commitment to your value building statement and the power then comes at the close of the sales where you are basing the close not on what you told them, but rather what they stated. If you say it, they can doubt it; however, if they say it, they believe it. [

The psychology behind a trial close is that it is far easier for a prospect to make decisions on minor points. As through the series of smaller decisions they ultimately will guide themselves in to the larger decision (the sale). - by Joeylean
I'm impressed Mr. Hoffeld, your point is well said. And very professional I might add. - by mcaldwell
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