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But Can You Sell It?

"Wow, you sure can brew it!"
"But can you sell it?"

Have you seen this commercial? About a new brewery starting up and a salesperson out selling beer to bars. It always makes me say, "thats the career I want"

So here is my question, Just for fun.

If you could take your same income you have now and your same hours. OR you where independently wealthy, with more money than 10 generations could spend, What product would you most like to sell?

Keep in mind, this is purely Fictional. Would you sell Land on the moon? Let me know. Get creative. Practice your dreaming here.

WHEN I am comfortably retired, I think I will sell beer...... My gut will show my customers how much I beleive in the product! - by Jaron Watkins
Creativity rules. I'll bite.

I'd like to build a couple truly legitimate race cars - a rally car, perhaps a Baja truck or two. Then market the design and fabrication abilities of my outfit to build any vehicle to suit. Prospects would be attracted to our experience and seek our guidance in planning out the vehicles which would best suit their needs. We would focus on vehicles based on production cars and trucks, but also have something intrinsically zen like the Ariel Atom, but a bit more sinister. It might even be possible to design and build specialty transports for exploration of the most remote locations on Earth. A whole lotta feature-benefit talk which literally thrills both sales rep and prospect. In essence, selling people on the idea of not just buying a car, but having their own car made to order. If you can dream it, we can build it.

And, while we're dreaming, put me down for a nice section of land along the coast of the Sea of Tranquility up there, will ya? - by D.M055
I'd sell people, I'd love to have thousands of people at my disposal to be able to have someone hire them based on their needs. Need labor? fine, need a thinker? great! etc....

That's me right now, who knows if that'll last, I change alot - by DrPattyCakes
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