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Question with regards to new business start up


I am starting up my own business. What i will be doing is sourcing web development services for businesses at a price they can afford. They would tell me what type of site they need and what they can afford, I would then match them up with a vendor.

My question to the experts would be, how would you go about selling this service? What methods do you think would be most appropriate in this situation?

The two methods that I intend to utilise the most, initially are direct mail pieces and telemarketing. In your opinion, is this the correct way to go? - by arizonared
Telemarketing is a direct, effective and inexpensive way to develop new business. If you're just starting out, this is an excellent way to go.

Make sure that you have an extremely targeted list and that you are clear on your sales process. When you speak with prospects, qualify them thoroughly so that you only spend your time speaking with prospects that are truly interested and truly in a position to use your services. One of the biggest reasons that sales representatives don't close sales is that they're not speaking with qualified prospects to start out with. - by Wendy Weiss
Wendy's advice is right on. I would add to make sure everything is scripted and thought out before you proceed. Make sure you are clear on your outcome.

Also, make sure you are clear as to how you are different from other companies providing the same service.

You should also work from a very targeted list when sending out your mailings. - by Jim Klein
My question is what is your value proposition? What will you say before you pick up the phone? What is the benefit clients receive? You need to work on your presentation before saying hello. It is imperative your message is pithy, benefit oriented and provides value to the prospective client. - by Drew Stevens
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