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Ways to ask for Life Insurance

What are the ways to ask people to buy Life Insurance plolicy. For example : Please take out an life insurance ploicy. Please insure yourself.
Please make a provision for your family. Please take out a insurance policy for your children. I will be thankful if you can share some examples and ideas
since the examples I have been using don't seem to work effectively. Also please provide me with some life insurance related need analysis, probing questions to find out needs of people. - by dennis27
Dennis, your questions posted to the community are great. You sound a bit frustrated. I hope the answers I give and others will give will be helpful to you.

Asking for business should be done only after you've probed for needs, then presented a product to fit those needs, and then completed one or more a successful trial closes. In that case, your close would be something much more specific than the examples you suggested.

Here are the problems with your suggestions, imo:

"Please take out a life insurance policy."
This is not a close. It is a statement. A closing action needs a call to action. This statement is a request, not a close. Adding "please" to it sounds a little bit like begging.

"Please insure yourself." Same comment as above.

"Please take out a life insurance policy for your children." Same comment as above.

Examples of closes you might use:

Alternative Choice Close: "Do you want to go with [A] or [b]?"

Assumptive Close: "If you'll just authorize this paperwork, we'll get started on your coverage."

Direct Question Close: "Should we go ahead and begin your coverage and start protecting your family?"

Of course, there's a lot more to closing than this, but hopefully this well help you to get you pointed in the proper direction.

There are zillions of needs assessment questions, but here are a few:

"What coverage do you have now?"
"Why are you calling me today instead of a year ago, or a year from now?"
"Why are you interested in ____________ insurance?"
"If everything I show you meets with your approval, when would you like to begin your coverage?"
"Who, besides yourself, needs to approve this coverage?"
"What do you have in mind?"
"What kind of coverage do you want?"
"Tell me three things that are important to you in selecting coverage."

Etc. etc. etc.

I would suggest that, as an exercise, you write down 100 possible open-ended probing questions. Get comfortable with the idea of "investigation" or "listening" or "learning". You can only do that if you've put in some prep time and come up with viable probing questions ahead of time. Once you meet with your prospect, it's too late to prepare.

The best to you!

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