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What one thing (other than $) would you change about your job if you could?

What one thing would you change about your job if you could? More money doesn't count. If you had the power, how would you alter your job to make it more meaningful, fun, or lucrative? - by Skip Anderson
I wouldn't change a thing! When I was a public school teacher I would have changed lots of things. But whatI do now is perfect for me. Everyone should be so fortunate.

MitchM - by MitchM
I'd like to be working with people who knew more about what they wanted and knew more about the process. - by Thomas
I would like to punch people who treat me like crap if I wouldn't lose my job and get arrested.

I don't understand why people are so rude. Per the rules of a hospital I was trying to find out a buying process in a materials management office instead of going directly to a department. The materials manager was a jerk and didn't even try to help me answer my question.

Good thing I am not thin skinned since I am in sales and good thing for them I am not crazy.

Thank the Lord for a three day weekend!!!

Good Selling! - by Sell4alivn
I would love to have an endless supply of qualified customers ready to lay down for me ;bg - by Mr. Cesario
I would like my in company process to be more structured and smooth. giving me the ability to finish up a deal in a couple hours instead of a couple days. more customers would be nice as well. - by Jaron Watkins
I would put all projects other than clearing up AP issues with suppliers on hold indefinitely in order to get them shipping again. 80% of my sales so far this year have yet to ship out. There is no repeat or referral business here. The days are spent "putting out fires" and, since you can't sell what you don't have, we turn away more leads than we close, simply because we know we can't deliver.

Change the focus to taking care of a smaller customer base and winning their business one sale at a time. Impress them and invite them to return. Less Google AdWords and more word-of-mouth. - by D.M055
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