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PLease give me some ideas and suggestion.

Dear all,

Let me slightly describe myself, my job scope is to help ISO Certified companies by providing them the pioneer ISO Document Management system to them while saving their cost of documentation up to 75%.

Currently, my company going to held an event which each of us (Software Consultant) must invite the ISO certified companies's Decision Makers ( mostly will be the M.D, G.M and QMR) to join in this event of "Unveil The Automation for Quality Management System". The leads of this attendees will be grab from our resellers.

First thing? is the topic (Unveil The Automation for Quality Management System") of the event informative and attractive enough?

Secondly, this event will be held only from 9 a.m - 12 p.m , at a Golf club conference room or any other clubhouse. is there any other special locations for this event to be held?

Thanks in advance for the great ideas.thmbp2; - by aliluya
The topic "Unveil The Automation for Quality Management System" doesn't get me excited and doesn't compel me to attend. Is there another way to describe the event? - by Marcus
Thanks for your comment, by the way, any suggestion cross your mind that if you don't mind please share with me? - by aliluya
Hello aliluya. What are the "Hot Topics" right now facing your typical prospect? - by AZBroker
"hot topic", issit you are referring to what issue of discussion they had the most recently? basically, my prospect is from multiple industry, as you know, ISO Standard can be implement to any industry. But maybe i shall focus only 1 or 2 industry 1st and then come out with hot topic for them. mm...should be okay though..
any suggestion somemore from anyone else here? pleasure to hear from you. - by aliluya
aliluya, IMO there has to be a reason why these people will attend your event aka "WIIFM". Does your event title, "Unveil The Automation for Quality Management System" address a "Hot Topic" or compelling reason to attend? - by AZBroker
in terms of why, this event is to let the prospect (mostly decision makers like MD, GM and so on..) to aware how an IT solution can help their manual and conventional situation and what are the benefits as well.

hi seniors out there, any suggestion for me? thanks - by aliluya
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