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No More Cold Calling - The Great Lie of Self-Marketing

It turns out, so I've read, cold calling is less effective and should be replaced by self-marketing strategies such as mass flyer distribution, building your own website, writing/distributing articles, pay-per-click advertising, publishing a newsletter, etc. :yi

If you believe that contact me about a bridge I have for sale. ;st - by Houston
Cold calling has been getting a bad rap lately, but it's not deserved.

One reason the negativity about cold calling (especially the writings of a particular author) resonates with so many people is that they aren't very good at it and therefore have not experienced success and therefore have learned to hate it.

Having said that, cold calling is but one way to generate leads. Marketing, advertising, and promotions (including online activities) are other valid ways of generating leads imo. - by Skip Anderson
If you know what to say and the prospects are available cold calling isn't that bad. - by realtor
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