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Why does cold calling suck?

What are the reasons against cold calling?

Some people say cold calling sucks and that's okay. People aren't always home or available when I'm cold calling. I know for some people that is a reason against cold calling.

I'm not saying it sucks but some people do feel that way. If we discuss the downside to cold calling it might help others who don't fully understand it. - by Frankie
I don't think there are many reasons against it.....

An appointment is always best but it ain't a perfect world.

I call and call to set appointments with some of my clients, if they don't return my calls then they are telling me they need a cold call.

Other times I may have allowed three hours for a meeting and I achieve my objective in 90 minutes. I can go drink coffee or I can make a cold call on an account in close proximity.

I personally like cold calling. Back in the day at Pitney Bowes we used to have new contact days where you weren't allowed to call on a customer you have an existing relationship. You were teamed up with another sales rep for accountability and at the end of the day they would award points for sales, appointments and presentations and hand out a bunch of cash.

Good Selling!!!

Sell4alivn - by Sell4alivn
I'm out knocking on doors almost every day now. It's like going to the gym for me. When I'm at home comfortable on my couch I don't want to get up and exercise but once I'm done with the workout I'm happy that I did it. - by realtor
seems to me that if you don't like cold calling, or cannot at least tolerate it, you shouldn't be in sales. Cold calling is an intregal part of the process.

My company encourages it by paying higher commissions for self gens than set appointments.

We prefer a one call close, which generally isn't possible with a self gen (I prefer self gen to cold call) but I find I have better luck and a better closing percentage overall with self gens than with the appointments my company's telemarketers set for me.

Pat - by toolguy_35
I have said cold calling "sucks" plenty of times... From all of my telemarketing jobs I have had plenty of bad experiences. The most irritating things are the hang-ups, the 150/200 answering machines, and the cussing and calling me out of my name.

I just wish a lot of people who do cold calls wouldn't be so harsh... Many of the phone calls I've received, if I don't want the product (because I do sit and listen, because I know how it feels) they hang up or say something rude. That's not at all professional, and you're making your company look bad.

I also wish that the call lists would be updated more often, instead of having to call the same 4 lists every day. When I worked at this one spot selling postage meters to canadians, I would call one business, and 20 minutes later call the same one and get yelled at... - by MissJackson
I had a cold calling job selling mobile phones many years ago and we had to call unsolicited random numbers and close a sale in one opportunity. This is a tough call, and I can say that I didn't enjoy the experience as a whole not because cold calling sucks but because that kind of direct pressure sale really only favours the hard-sell aggresive type. I enjoyed many conversations with complete strangers and connected with some very nice people, however the pressure to reach targets meant that being nice really didn't get you anywhere. Since I think sales and being a decent person are an essential bond, I couldn't continue with this job and achieve the success my managers wanted.

I don't blame cold calling for this mostly negative experience but the environment in which cold calling was used. - by nesh thompson
People try many things until they learn a couple of skills or one that works well for them. Sometimes products/services fit or do not fit into a cold calling activity. Or the person doesn't fit it well.

One of my most consistently productive distributors has mastered cold calling and she has a system that fits her and into her life perfectly. It's the system she uses and how she conducts herself that makes all the difference.