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Are Direct Mail and Email Dead?

Is direct mail spam and email spam so common that they've lost their effectiveness? - by Frankie
As far as I know people love to check their in-boxes and mailboxes. As long as that's happening email and direct mail are still alive and kicking. - by AZBroker
I agree with AZBroker on this one. I feel that most people enjoy receiving helpful messages which is why direct and email campaigns still work. I still love receiving promotional postcards in the mail (especially if they are about great sales!). - by ginac84
We're still getting calls from postcards we send out so it's not dead for us. I haven't done any email prospecting because I don't know where I'd get the email addresses. Where would a person go to get email addresses? - by Thomas
Pretty much...unless you know how to make it personal or really really catchy. If you just get everyone's birthdays (month and day)...and send them a simple Happy Birthday card...you'll capture more new business that way than by sending random mailers...it's more effective and more personal as well.

Nam Do - by nocci01
If you are referring to Email or Direct Mail Blasting... sending buld stuff of without any check on relevance...then lets hope it dies soon.

Other than this , both emails and direct mails will to have important roles to play in overall business communication... - by alexhar
Is direct mail spam and email spam so common that they've lost their effectiveness?
Considering the cost per sale is quiet low compared to other avenues, I still think they are effective. - by MrCharisma
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