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How Do You Define Sales Effectiveness and Sales Productivity?

These terms are bantered around a lot, but there doesn't seem to be much discipline in how they're used. So I'm posing the question here to see what your thoughts are. Please provide your definitions and be specific. - by mnicksjr
The question is what are you trying to measure and what is the value to the organization?

By definition productivity means that balance between all factors of production that will give the greatest output for the smallest effort.

Effectiveness is a measurement applied to output based on a type of either financial analysis or subjective opinion based on human effort. - by Drew Stevens
I teach and train Realtors to use precise language so that they are more effective in getting listing appointments and more effective in turning appointments into saleable listings. I also teach and train how to get more listings and sell them faster so they have time to handle more sales and be more productive. - by Jerry Bresser
First you should know your Numbers, which would include how many Inbound Calls you take or Outbound Dials you make, the number of Contacts achieved, the number of Results such as Mail Outs or Appoinments Set or Sales made, etc. Once you have all of your stats you simply divide them into each other to get your percentages. It becomes easy to determine which area of the process needs more training and tweaking.

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