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Advice on Sales Uplift

Have been reading the site and seen some excellent feedback from people's questions - so thought I woudl put you all to the test!!

I have just been thrown in a the deep end by my company and given a role in Marketing that I am a bit of out of my depth with (understatement) but I enjoy a challenge bgwnk; .

I am working on an overall marketing strategy, however prior to my appointment the business has acheived a listing in a major retailer for our product (childrens educational craft). So we have a wonderful product sat on the shelves - but zero marketing activity has been planned around it - so it is still sitting there! (not all that bad - there have been some sales!!)

So from your experiences our there can anyone advise on quick tactics for sales uplift?? How can I get traffic into the stores to buy the product. I don't believe that offers in the store are possible (still investigating this, although we could put a rep in there to promote).

Any advice gratefully received. In the meantime I will keep researching and reading - and hopefully one day will be able to offer help back!

Thanks - by BekiG
I would ask myself who is the end user of this product....



Church Sunday School Teacher


I would then see if I can buy or generate a list of the most obvious end users and research a type of media that can reach the end users.

Suggesting the retailer cross merchandise on an end cap with complientary products is one idea. Also, I would also look into helping train the retailer staff to cross sell to the target market as they purchase related products.

Also, sponsoring workshops or providing free products for workshops at the retailer could be an idea.

Not knowing any details, I may be stabbing in the dark.

Good Selling!!

Sell4alivn - by Sell4alivn
Thanks for this - I will work through some of these ideas. - by BekiG
Can you do an in store children's craft workshop? - by MPrince
Here are some other strategies that work.

Direct mail piece to either end-users or a paid mailing list.

Internet sales.

Book fairs - by ThePromotionalGuy
Write a great sales letter.

Lay it out just like a letter addressed to 'Parents who want only the best'

Explain truthfully why you are sending the letter.

I mean explain it like in your original post here.

Tell the parents that you truly believe that this is a great product that is going to help with their childrens' development.

Explain that you are the new person in charge of marketing but that you know the best judge of these products is...the end user.

Go into some detail as to WHY you think it is worth their while looking at the products.

Tell them that you are not exactly expecting them to go into a store and definitely make a purchase. You just want them to give the product a look...in case they've never seen it before.

Tell them how to get the best use out of the products. Write in general terms about childrens education (or lack of it) explain how your products will get the best out of every child.


Get that letter into the hands of as many parents as you can.

You can pm me with your letter if you want me to give it the 'once over' in private. Or post it here so we can all pitch in for you.

Go on now.....go do it. - by helisell
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