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New Product Sales Percentages

Hi there. I have invented a new product that can be marketed to 110,000 carpet cleaners, each of these guys should buy my product, but I think there are some guys will not bother. Are there any figures out there to give me some indication as to how many I can expect to sell. Any help would be really great, as I am just starting to do my business plan - by vernonpurcell
I think it's virtually impossible to give you a number because the plethora of variables involved in any new product launch. Variables:

- quality of product
- appropriate pricing of product
- market's perception of product
- how much capital you have to work with
- your marketing / sales /promotions expertise
- quantity and quality of competition

Those are a few of the variables. How you play those variables will eventually determine if your product is a winner or a loser.

That's not the answer you were looking for, but I think that's probably a realistic assessment of the reality of your situation. - by Skip Anderson
Hi Skip
I have 22 years in the carpet cleaning industry.
The quality is not an issue
Price will not be a issue
The product will be only used by guys who use a truckmounted carpet machine, this means there machine has to stay out side.
110,000 cleaners represents 70 % of the market. The othe 30% will not use our product.

I belive that it should be used by most guys because it eliminate the secutity risk if the cleaner has the front door open, as he has to bring his hose through that door.

Capital is not a problem as we are total self financed

Sales and marketing is a new area for me. but we have trade shows, and hopefully sales agents.

We have no competition in the market place, as thisproduct is not available anywhere in the world.

I have very little sales experiance, so I do not know how many I could sell - by vernonpurcell
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