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Prospecting To Existing Customers(Banking & Finance)


I just wanted to get some tips/help in building up my sales.

A little bit of background about me. I currently work for a large australian bank as a Financial Planner, and I am lucky enough to have tellers and mortgage lenders who generally refer qualified leads to me.

Lately, I haven't been recieving enough referrals to write my sales goals, And i would like to do some of my own prospecting to build up the leads.

I am thinking cold calls, but I am not really sure on what to say, as i haven't had much experience around it. I have looked around different sites for scripts, but what I haven't seen anything really suitable as I am planning on calling existing customers who have dealt with the business on generally a long term basis.

Any help on how to build referrals/leads would be excellent.

thanks - by grimace_86
Does your work place have a referal scheme with some form of reward?

I guess if you build enough rapport with your customers and they are happy with your work, you'd be able to drop some form of incentive. That what I've got at work place... - by MrCharisma
Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately we don't have anything really like that in place. I am fairly new into the role at this stage, but I am starting to get into the habit of asking customers for referrals. I have asked a couple, everyone I have asked has been positive.

One challenge is getting the customers in the first place to ask for referrals. Though I am going to make it a focus,

Any other ideas or scripting on what I can use.

Thanks heaps - by grimace_86
The key to getting more quality referrals that lead to meetings is the research behind your pitch. I'm guessing the people you're speaking with would rather be doing something else besides refer you, so the key is to give them something short, credible, and unexpected.

Who are you mainly selling to?


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