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Creative offline marketing ideas

What are some of the creative offline marketing ideas you have heard of?

An idea I heard was to hand out mini "PayDay" candy bars with labels on the back that say, "Ask me how every day can be a PayDay with (insert MLM or Direct Sales opportunity). - by Thomas
Name Badges - Wear a name badge that has your name and what you do on it everywhere you go. This can be a great conversation starter. - by Jolly Roger
Where's the creativity people? ;st - by Thomas
What are some of the creative offline marketing ideas you have heard of?

An idea I heard was to hand out mini "PayDay" candy bars with labels on the back that say, "Ask me how every day can be a PayDay with (insert MLM or Direct Sales opportunity).
Good, u r right thmbp2; - by adnan
Good, u r right thmbp2;
Are you talking about marketing or advertising because there is a difference.

Marketing is a plan and advertising is the plan being implemented.

What is the product you are trying to advertise? - by MPrince
These are some ideas i like.

1. Post flyers in grocery stores, post offices, libraries, banks and anywhere else that has a public bulletin board.

2. Leave brochures or catalogues with order forms in medical buildings or offices, (doctors, dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, etc.), and in hospital waiting rooms and patient rooms.

3. Ask if you can post a flyer in the window of local businesses.

4. If you have a favorite hairdresser's, talk to the owner about setting up a table or leaving business cards there for his/her customers to take.

5. When you travel, leave behind a brochure or catalogue in your hotel room with order forms, or leave behind samples as a tip for the maids.

6. Create small care packages to give away at events and include a flyer, business card, catalogue, order form, or coupon.

7. Fill a small plastic bag with a few goodies like suckers, stickers or pencils and include a flyer and coupon. Staple your business card to the outside. Hand them out to people or leave them wherever you go.

8. Host an open house in your home to introduce people to your product. Offer free coffee and desserts. Give guests a discount coupon to use on their first order. Have a drawing for free products.

9. Cold call on people introducing your product. Offer a discount off their first order.

10. Talk to schools, day cares, nursery schools and other organizations about doing fundraisers. Offer them a percentage from each sale.

11. Make flyers with a tear-off discount coupon and have the Post Office put them in PO boxes and mailboxes.

12. Place an ad in local newspapers and newsletters.

13. Put an ad your local phone book under the appropriate category.

14. Set up a table at your county fair or other local event and show samples of your products. Provide brochures or catalogues. Hold a drawing for a free products or services. Hand out flyers with a discount coupon off the first order.

15. Run a local radio ad. Or take your local DJ a plate of brownies in appreciation. Let them know your business name. Often they'll mention you on air - at no cost.

16. Place an ad in a local city magazine.

17. Hire someone to do cold calling and selling for you. Pay them hourly or by commission only.

18. Hire a student to deliver flyers, brochures or catalogues door-to-door.

19. Promote your product/services by giving away items such as caps, fridge magnets, mugs, coupons, samples, frequent user cards, etc.

20. Be prepared for the unexpected and compile a marketing kit so that you always have business materials on hand. A good place to keep these kits is in your car so that you can easily distribute them while you are out, and you can avoid missing out on a new customer because you didn't have a catalogue or business card to give those who ask. - by Team Building FL
Record yourself giving tips about how your product can enhance peoples' experience/life.

Put it on cd.

Register a domain like 'FreeGardeningTipsCD.Com'

Advertise offline in a magizine which would typically be read by your target market.

Great free tips and tricks to get the best from your garden 12 months out of 12....just visit

'Give away' the cd in return for their details ....or give it away for the cost of production $3-4 usually.

They get a great and valuable gift. You get leads. - by helisell
An easy and effortless way to advertise.Magnetic cards and place them on the gas pumps at varous gas stations. You would be surprised at how many people will take them home with them. - by rich34232
Of all the posts here, it's Helisell's idea I agree with most (as I also implement this proven strategy), and here's why:

The other ideas here are pretty much gambles whose success or failure at doing business can't be fully measured unless they do more than demonstrate how clever you can be about putting your name out there.

The only real objective that advertising should serve is to produce contact information for leads that you can use to inexpensively follow-up with.

Most people try to (expensively, wastefully) build awareness of their business to the masses, forgetting that it's the individual, based upon their trust and confidence in you, that leads to success.

Instead of wasting time, energy, and definitely money trying to stay on top of everyone's mind, create and rely upon a mechanism that allows someone to raise their hand and say "I'm interested (even if I don't buy/enroll/subscribe right now)" and then maintain that relationship.

Maintenance of these relationships, I might add, has become increasingly less expensive to do as new technologies emerge.

With that said, if you can implement the long list of ideas that Team Building FL to attract attention to the Hand Raising Mechanism's Irresistible Offer - THEN you've really got something.

In response to MPrince, I respectfully disagree - marketing isn't merely a plan but a demonstration of your respect and appreciation for a particular market. Something that I do agree one MUST plan to do. ;sm - by MarcEnriquez
yes, MPrince is absolutly right, 'what is your area in business?? that is importent to know.

mobileman - by mobileman
Business cards are something that most salespeople carry. Typically, most people only use one side of their business card leaving some valuable real estate or 50% of the card, unused.

Here are a few quick offline marketing ideas you can use on your business card:

1. Put your value proposition on the back of the card so that people know what you do.

2. Put something interesting on the back of your business card that people can find useful. For example if you are are realtor, put a list of 5 tips that help people save energy on their home.

3. One that I have used, if you can pay someone for leads, then put something on the back of your card that denotes that. I use to put "$200" on the back of my card and people would ask me "What does $200 mean?". That would open the door to tell them what it was for and how they could earn $200.

4. Put a coupon for your business on the back of your card, if you can. For example, if you own a retail store, have a 10% off coupon. In this case, if someone brings it in to use it, then make sure you give them a new one or more to hand out to their friends.

5. Use your business card as a loyalty card, for example, if you own or work at a restaurant or coffee shop, you could have a loyalty card that would allow you to get a free coffee after they bought a certain amount. This way someone always carries your card.

6. Advertise a newsletter sign up on the back of your card, Tell people to sign up for a newsletter for special promotions, news, information or what ever.

Try one or think of something else you might be able to do with your business card. - by salestipaday
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