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Being A Success In Retail

I have a job interview with best buy during the next week and I want to be success in a job I think I would really enjoy. Any tips on how to do that I would be very appreciative of them. - by MoneyMaker
The most important criteria is for you to determine how management defines success for people in your position, and then do whatever it takes to meet those expectations.

Having said that, here are some things for you to ponder:

1. Engage your prospects. Get them to talk with you.

2. Develop product and technology knowledge of your product.

3. Determine your prospect's needs and get them to verbalize them.

4. Become skilled at presenting your product effectively.

5. Ask for the sale. - by Skip Anderson
Let me add to Skip's great suggestions.

I was a sales manager in retail for about 7 years. First, what always impressed me on the interview was: 1 - how on time or early someone came to the meeting; 2 - how quickly they walked into the store; 3 - their attitude more than their aptitude and 4 - they're follow up with me or whoever interviewed them.

Now specifically on the job, here are some traits I found in the most successful salespeople; 1 - they were focused on the customer more than themselves, 2 - they asked more questions before talking about which product might solve the problem, 3 - if they didn't have all the answers they would pull a manager, a senior sales person and last, offer to get back with the customer (not as successful a move in retail!) and 4 - Skip you said it but I want to emphasize it, they asked for a decision!

I remember one young man telling me that until we got to that part of the sales training, HOW to ask for a decision, he just did NOT get it.

Do you find this helpful?

Regards, - by patweber
Yes I have found this helpful thank you both for your expertise.thmbp2; I should hopefully get the job the only issue is my availability during the school year. - by MoneyMaker
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