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Qualifying Sales Leads

What criteria should sales professionals be qualifying or disqualifying against? - by Bulldog
Is there need?
Is there a budget?
What is the budget?
Are you speaking with a decision maker?

These are the only criteria in which a professional must move forward. - by Drew Stevens
Bulldog, what do you sell and to whom do you sell it? - by Skip Anderson
Bulldog, what do you sell and to whom do you sell it?
I work in real estate. I'm looking to find out what common criteria is being used to screen prospects. - by Bulldog

One recomendation we made for a client in real estate worked rather well. I am not sure of your lead generation system, so I will describe his to see if it would fit.

The problem was getting to many "shoppers" filling out the contact us form. Which resulted in a lot of unqualified leads, wasted time, etc. To help "filter" out the leads had people go through an initial step before getting to the "contact us" form.

The filtering process was a mini survey that asked the pertinent questions (creatively and efficiently). The results was fewer leads, of course, but more qualified prospects. The point being is we don't always need "big numbers" of leads, so it is okay to filter out the ones that are not intersted and get higher quality leads. - by vantaedge
Vantaedge do you have a standard set of criteria that you train salespeople to qualify or disqualify against? - by Bulldog
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