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Sales Position Title Name?


Im planning to change the position title nameof my sales staff and sales manager. little bit about our product. We are selling the Document Management System.

It is a software application where help the user to handle their document in more efficiency and effectiveness way, meanwhile will help to cut their operation cost and increase productivity.

Hereby, my question is, instead of call and approach the customer as a sales executive /account manager / sales manager, is there any other better position title name to be addressed as? So it will make the customer not fell that we are a sales people, we are selling something to you... Please advice.

Thank you.

deUnique - by deUnique
My understanding is that you're wondering about the use of titles in a cold calling scenario, is that correct? If it is, I have two thoughts:

1. I don't know that it's an advantage to state a title when you're cold calling customers. Just be you, not an "Account Executive" (unless you're the owner, that is).

2. Having said that, if there's a unique and catchy title that sounds like the position would add value to your market, you could try a title like that. For instance, if you sold pens, perhaps you could be a "penmanship improvement coach" or if you were selling fire extinguishers you could be a "fire prevention specialist." Those aren't the greatest examples, but hopefully you can get the jist of my thought.:un - by Skip Anderson
This reminds me of a story of a young man that started selling in the 1980's. First he was a sales representative, then an account executive, then an account manager, then a national sales representative. You see the progression.

There is no difference. What is more imperative are three thihgs:
1. Talent that has confidence to cold call
2. Talent that can navigate the gatekeeper to find the decision maker
3. A useful method vis a vis a script (not memorized) that guides your selling personnel to ask the proper questions to obtain the one important item- an appointment.

Good Selling. - by Drew Stevens
Back in the day at Pitney Bowes my business card read something like Postal Consultant.

Today, my card says sales representative and I am proud of it. My customers appreciate my professionalism and I strive to partner with my customers to better their business.

I don't say that I am a sales representative. I say that I work with LMA and help customers with their difficult airway situations. Common sense tells them I am a sales rep no matter what my business card says.

Good Selling!

Sell4alivn - by Sell4alivn
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