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The advantages of personal selling

From your point of view what are the advantages of personal selling over other promotional methods? - by Bulldog
The advantages are the ability to communicate complex information about a product and to manage multiple decision makers at the customer site.

Also, the ability to demonstrate the product you sell to the end user, technical buyer and economic buyer if needed.

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Sell4alivn - by Sell4alivn
Personal selling is all I've ever done in a network marketing format so it's all I know. I like the hands on face-to-face and ear-to-ear communication and the relationships that are personal and mutual in a direct selling situation. Also, I can communicate with directness and passion about what I believe in and why and allow the other person to evaluate me in every way and visa versa.

It's the only dynamic I know so I can't compare it to other promotional methods.

Personal selling - my experience in direct sales and in network marketing which involves creating a network of distributors through which products get to the consumers - has given me an opportunity for learning and personal growth that I also find is an advantage for the person I prospect.

MitchM - by MitchM
Personal selling affords you the opportunity to engage the prospect in person and the opportunity to connect on a more personal level. - by Seth
All good points. Any other perspectives out there? - by Bulldog
All good points. Any other perspectives out there?
The ability to customize/tailor a message to each customer/prospect and respond to their specific questions and/or concerns. - by Liberty
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