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I've recently quit my job in telesales and now in the market for a new job. I know there are plenty of sales roles out there, many of which emphasise big $$$ but don't offer training, support and mentoring I'm looking for. As I'm new to sales, I'm more interested in gaining new skills and developing my sales ability than making big $$$ immediately. Can anyone offer any advice for my job search, which industries I should consider, type of companies I should approach etc? I've thought about insurance (seems a good start) and real estate..

Also, what strategy should I adopt for my job search? Should I approach companies I wish to work for cold, or limit my search to those advertised via the internet, paper etc?

Cheers - by sales_ace
To make the most of your next job, you'll want to make sure you begin with the end in mind. Where do you want to be in 15 or 20 years? Take a job now that will help you get there rather than one that will detract from your longer term goal.

One key question is, do you want to be in business-to-business sales, or do you want to be in business-to-consumer sales? From your question, it seems that you might be more interested in B2C selling.

Insurance and Real Estate are great careers. But they also have high turnover, so you'll want to make sure you're well informed about what successful agents do. In either, you'll need to find your own prospects, so you'll need to be skilled at cold-calling and prospecting and marketing and self-promotion, in addition to being able to close business.

If there's a company you want to work for, I would highly recommend you contact them. Some of my best employees over the years were those that did just that. Good luck! - by Skip Anderson
Great advice. I would have to agree. Think long term vs. short. Sometimes you do the best learning from being thrown out there and getting the experience than having someone sit u down and explain it. You always have your colleagues to ask questions and advice. - by JulieR
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